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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Just published a huge set of drum beat loops recreated from many SF2 soundfont percussion sets

I just posted a bunch of percussion loop samples for the following soundfonts:
acoustickits 3 4
drums douglas nsk
drums motown kit
hs acoustic percussion
ken ardency
latin hand perc
lo perc 2
orch battery
percussion 2
percussion 3
projectsam basic percussion close
projectsam basic percussion stage
projectsam timpani
projectsam world percussion
really natural remo
roland orchestral rythm
roland supplementals
sonic implants
westgate studios all percussion

which are available here:
Nickleus SF2 SoundFont Collection Archive

File list for direct download:

The beat is based on a Samurai Champloo song called "Andromede Vibes".

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