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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Book Review: "Instant Audio Processing with Web Audio"

I was asked by Packt Publishing to review their new book "Instant Audio Processing with Web Audio".

Here's my generalized review:

In order to get the most out of this book you MUST download the code bundle from Packt. It is full of great, working examples of how to play audio in the browser using jQuery and the Web Audio API. Worked totally fine on Ubuntu Linux 13.04, in Chrome v31.0.1650.63.

I also recommend reading the "Bonus Recipies" PDF mentioned in the intro, first.

The book suggests using the Apache server to test the examples. I recommend using python's "SimpleHTTPServer", which works on Linux and Windows (and Mac, I assume, but have not tested), instead of messing around with a bloated XAMPP/LAMPP bundle, just to get the apache server (php and MySQL aren't needed). Here's how to quickly and easily set up the python web server.


Here's my review on amazon.
Here's the book on Packt's website.

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