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Monday, 4 November 2013

Cherny upright piano

I got a ukranian "Cherny" piano yesterday for free, from an old lady in Olso, Norway, last night. I was struggling to find information about it, but thanks to my russian friend Alexey, it looks like the Cherny piano was made by the Chernihiv Musical Instrument Factory ( Чернігівська фабрика музичних інструментів ).

alternativ spellings seem to be:
Chernigov, chernigiv, Чернигов

UPDATE 20131106

here are some images of my piano (production number 382309):

i just found this user comment:
And finally one in the Ukraine, the old piano factory in Chernigov (sold under the "Cherny" name - we have a plethora of used Cherny pianos for sale in Denmark - sold here cheaply in the 70's and 80's) bought by the Dutch piano distributor Van Urk in 1997. They now sell them under their own Van Urk and the Steinhoff names:


if anyone has any more information on this piano, e.g. when it was made, please let me know :)

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