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Sunday, 14 July 2013

MuseScore - how to insert a note on the fourth beat only, in an empty bass clef

An "empty" bass clef in MuseScore has one thing in it: a whole rest.

This is what I'm going to show you how to make:

If you try to insert a quarter note in place of the whole rest, it will automatically get put into the first beat of the treble clef:

But we want the quarter note to be in the fourth beat position, so ctrl+z (undo) back to the beginning, where the bass clef only has the whole rest:

What we need is a half rest, followed by a quarter rest, followed by a quarter note.

So, select the whole rest:

Now click the "half note" button at the top and you'll get two half rests:

Now select the half rest on the right and click the "quarter note" button at the top and you'll now have a half rest and two quarter rests:

Now select the quarter rest on the right, press the "n" key to enter insert mode, then click, e.g. the B3 note position in the bass clef and you're done:

Download the MuseScore file ("save as" to somewhere on your computer, then open it in MuseScore)

UPDATE 20130715

Thanks to Nicolas Froment for this shortcut:
Just highlight the whole rest, then punch the following keys:
n 6 0 5 0 b
then ctrl+down-arrow to bring the B down an octave.

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