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Monday, 29 July 2013

MIDI dynamics note velocity values for ppp (piano pianissimo), pp (pianissimo), p (piano), mp (mezzo-piano), mf (mezzo-forte), f (forte), ff (fortissimo) and fff (forte fortissimo)

MIDI velocity values range from 0-127. According to the Apple Logic Pro 9 User Manual for MIDI Step Input Recording, here are the velocity values for the eight traditional dynamic (volume) indicators:
ppp: 16
pp: 32
p: 48
mp: 64
mf: 80
f: 96
ff: 112
fff: 127

where ppp is the softest and fff is the loudest.

I just updated the Wikipedia Dynamics (music) page with this info and an external link reference to the Apple Logic Pro 9 documentation.

1 comment:

  1. ffff, fffff would of course be 127 as well, with no difference between them and fff. pppp could be perhaps 8, and ppppp 4.


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