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Sunday, 5 May 2013

How to remove click/clicking, pop/popping noise in an audio track in Audacity

FINALLY a good click/pop/noise removal tutorial for audacity!

* switch to Spectrogram view for the audio track
* noise is a vertical pink "spike"

* select the noise then: Tracks > Add label at selection > give the label a name, e.g. "pop1"
* switch back to Waveform view
* zoom in to the middle of your label area > select the irregular wave part > Effect > Repair


these screenshots are also uploaded here:

UPDATE 20130507

This process can actually be done faster by NOT switching back to the Waveform view, but instead, stay in the Spectrogram view and just select the spike and do Effect > Repair right then and there. If you get a message like this:
"The Repair effect is intended to be used on very short sections of damaged audio (up to 128 samples).

Zoom in and select a tiny fraction of a second to repair."

Then you're selecting too much audio at one time in order to be able to use Repair. If you zoom in until you first get 3 decimal places, e.g.:
then you can hold shift and hit the right arrow key exactly 9 times to get the largest possible selection that Repair will allow. Just try and center your selection on the middle of the spike. Now you can see that the noise spike is gone after running Repair:

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