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Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to convert sfArk files to sf2 on Ubuntu

Download both of these projects (click the ZIP) link at the top of the page:

Extract them and follow the Building instructions on both pages.

Change directory to the sfArkXTm-master folder.
Copy your sfArk files there, then convert a file like this (in a terminal):
./sfArkXTm 336_Massive_strings.sfArk 336_Massive_strings.sf2


If you try convert an sfArk file and get the following error: ====================================================================== sfArkXTm 1.01 beta (using sfArkLib version: 223) copyright (c) 1998-2002, free for non-commercial use ====================================================================== Uncompressing BHCello.sfArk to BHCello.sf2... *** This file was created with sfArk V1, and this program only handles sfArk V2+ files. Use sfArk instead. cpu time taken 0 ms Result: File was created by incompatible sfArk version (not 2.x) errorcode 5 *** FAILED ***

Then you can convert it using sfArk for wine:
* download the windows version of sfArk
* install it using wine:
wine sfark_setup.exe

* then just run the program using ubuntu's search dialogue:
windows-key > type "sfark" > hit "enter"

this window will pop up:

* select the sfArk file and click "Start" :)

Thanks to this page:

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