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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to install LMMS 0.4.14-rc1 with VST support on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

UPDATE 20130206: check out Tres' new tutorial which looks a little easier, where LMMS is build by a team called KXStudio.

INSTALL LMMS 0.4.14-rc1

Uninstall any LMMS version you might have already:
sudo apt-get remove lmms

If you've installed the irie/lmms PPA, then uninstall the PPA as well:
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:irie/lmms

If you don't have python-software-properties installed, then install it (so you can install a PPA):
sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

Add the dns/sound PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dns/sound

Update apt:
sudo apt-get update

Install LMMS:
sudo apt-get install lmms

This PPA contains the latest development build.


Go here:

Download these files to e.g. ~/Downloads:

("~" is shorthand for your home directory, e.g. "/home/nickleus" )

For each file:
Right click > "Extract Here"

Now you'll have the following directories:

Set root ownership to the relevant VST files and copy them to /usr/lib64/lmms/:
cd ~/Downloads/lmms-vst-full_0.4.13-0irie3~precise1_i386/usr/lib/lmms
sudo chown root:root
sudo chown root:root RemoteVstPlugin
sudo cp RemoteVstPlugin* /usr/lib64/lmms/

cd ~/Downloads/lmms_0.4.13-0irie3~precise1_amd64/usr/lib/lmms
sudo chown root:root
sudo chown root:root
sudo chown root:root
sudo cp /usr/lib64/lmms/
sudo cp libvst* /usr/lib64/lmms/


To use the VST support with Wine, you have to assign /usr/lib64/lmms to some drive letter using Wine configuration (winecfg)

Run this in a terminal:

A Microsoft window will popup.
Choose the Drives tab
Click the Add button
(It suggested drive D: for me)
Choose an available drive, e.g. D:
Click the OK button

In the Path field enter the following text:

Click the main window's OK button

UPDATE 20130205: I wasn't sure if this "CONFIGURE WINE" part was needed or not (it was with the irie/lmms PPA), so I removed the D: drive in winecfg and LMMS still worked with VST, so it might not be necessary.


Start LMMS with VST support! :)

***Special thanks to IRIE Shinsuke/Patrick Winnertz for all their work***


  1. Do you know how to install this on a 32 bit system?

    1. just follow Tres' guide:

      it works for both 32 and 64-bit:

  2. Great how to, just when i needed it


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